The inclusion work of the Tinkers Association includes in depth dance-research and the development of chorographical creations with selected participants to the workshops. The artistic guidance and overall coordination of this creative process is ensured by Andrea Seewald, sometimes in collaboration with other artists. This process prepares the participants towards a professionalization in the dance arena, which is one of the motivations of the project.

Part of the results of this work are presented during the IN-Concert.


Moreover, part of the whole process is also the creation of a unique inclusion art-piece, the “IN-Concert”, a performance which truly embraces tango and the meaning of inclusion on stage. This work of art is the result of a collaborative creative process, in which professional artists (dancers, musicians, choreographers and photographers, but not exclusive to these categories) join in the artistic creation with selected participants of the intensive tango inclusion workshops. New Tango Music: composed by Julio Cobelli & Luna-Tobaldi. New Tango Lyrics:( about inclusion), created by the screenwriter, Siul Bango, gave to the whole piece a very special and unique musical background.

This holistic approach generates a dynamic collaboration where local governments, associations of persons with disabilities, artists and private sponsors work together to increase social integration among persons with disabilities and the broader society, both at local, regional and international levels. Promoting and encouraging creativity among youth with disabilities: through their participation in the self-expression forms of dance-research, which form the basis of the chorographical creations (artistic guidance and overall coordination of the inclusion-work: Andrea Seewald) that then are presented by the same persons during the IN-Concert.

At the same time the project promotes creativity of established artists in their active search to create and perform works of art together with people with special needs and different abilities.


Since the beginning, Ishka Michocka has been the eyes of our tango inclusion project. The photo and audio-visual exhibition “abrazando el tango, embracing tango” documents the most significant moments during the past years. The photos have been exhibited during the festival in Punta del Este and Bregenz, as well as in Maldonado and Montevideo.

Where one picture speaks more than thousand words…. Click here!


The spirit of the Tinkers has been an inspiration for other artists to create own works related to inclusion.

Here are the links to some of the videos that have been made so far:

  • “Abrazando el tango,abrazando la inclusion” by Nectaria films: here
  • TV5 by Amerikologie…  here
  • “El mundo de Carolina” by Mariana Viñoles… here
  • “Abrazando el tango/ embracing tango” by Ishka Michocka… here
  • Documentary by Alberto Carboni here