Our Projects


International tango festival with inclusion. Hundreds of tango dancers of different ages, abilities and cultures embrace tango and inclusion each year in Punta del Este (Uruguay) and Bregenz (Austria). ( Read more…)


Workshop series on the two continents in collaboration with associations for people with disabilities The philosophy of the workshops is to achieve inclusion by teaching the basics of tango, focussing on the connection through the embrace. . (


This is a handbook that has been especially developed to accompany the Tinkers System Seminar. Both the handbook and the seminar are intended for persons interested in finding more about the system and methodology created by Andrea Seewald and Matías Haber (the Tinkers) for teaching tango to groups of people of all abilities. This approach has been developed and successfully used by the Tinkers over many years of organising inclusive tango workshops in Europe and Latin America.

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Creation art-pieces with inclusion, in collaboration with professional dancers, musicians, choreographers, photographers, film-makers and participants to the tango inclusion workshops.  (Read more…) 
“The Association Tinkers proposes activities of social inclusion through tango for persons with and without disabilities in Europe and Latin America.For us, the essence of tango is the embrace. It allows the partners to connect and find each other in the rhythm of the music. This makes tango a unique and very powerful tool for inclusion. It enables people of different abilities, cultures, ages and social backgrounds to meet and interact on a personal level, in a space where there is no right or wrong. This is our contribution to create solidarity in society, at a time when this is most needed.“