Association Tinkers :
Non profit association for the demand of intercultural and inclusive activities.

Andrea Seewald & Matías Haber (Los Tinkers)

The Team: 

President: Andrea Seewald

Andrea Seewald is a professional austrian contemporary dancer, degreed Feldenkrais “Practitioner”, LNB-Motion trainer and for years a passionate tango dancer.

Vicepresident: Matías Haber
Matías Haber is a professional uruguayan opera singer and for years a passionate tango dancer & teacher
Andrea Seewald and Matías Haber belong to those crazy and loving idealists who in one moment decided, contrary to any rational condition, to dedicate their time to their mission. Seven years ago the two artists turned their back on their original profession with the following argument: “We are both searching for authenticity and we are tired of the egocentrism that can get you easliy as an artist. We want to follow the project of our heart. We want to reach as many different people as possible. One day when we look back at our life, we want to have the feeling that we actively supported and promoted a positive togetherness.” For years Andrea and Matías are working with people with different physical and mental possibilities. Meanwhile „los Tinkers“ have developed a teaching method, which is internationally recognized.Due to the sucess of their work and the essential contribution to the inclusive developement, which is reflected in their workshops and in the festival, Andrea and Matías have been invited by now to congesses like the “Symposium-Kind, Jugend, Gesellschaft VII” (a congress, which takes place every two years in the opera of Bregenz) and to international Down Syndrome congresses in Austria and Germany, as well as to the international Down Syndrome congress (this year in India), which takes place every three years.


Researcher/ In charge of Tinkers-Inclusion-Methode: Alina Cibea
Production/ In charge of EU-Project: Marie Tappero

Production/ In charge of Uruguay: Tamara Pereyra
Scripts & texts from IN-CONCERT: Tamara Pereyra/Siul Bango
Communication-strategy: Suroeste Comunicaciones
Web and grafic design: Fernando Muniz

Photographer, Documentary/ In charge of all the photo-exhibitions:


Video, Documentary:

Maya Humo/Juan David Marin/ Alberto Carboni/Mariana Viñoles/ Sebastián Cabrera

Organization/”Abrazando el tango-Colombia”: Silvia Marin
Press: Austria: Andrea Fritz-Pinggera, Pzwei: Martina Zudrell,  Argentina: Marta del Pino,

Karina Nisinman Uruguay: Silvina Natale

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